Kite Log

12m, 12-14kts SE, Twin Tip, The Range
The day started with a beautiful sunrise!

Range day! So I’ve noticed that every time I’m at the range its overcast and raining. This leads me to believe that SE winds bring the rain! I’ll have to look into that one a bit further. Anywho, Mccaroll and I got a couple of hours in and made the most of the moderate breeze.


Kite Log

8m, Stoney beach, SW 20kts, surf board

Well I got my day shift changed to night shift so I could rock this system going by. Got to the beach around 10am and it was on! Great morning! Got out for a few hours before it died around 2:30pm. The fall is a windy season around here!

Kite Log

12m, Stoney Beach, 12kts increasing, surf board

The seniors were on their way out when I arrived at 3:30. I ended up having the whole place to myself. It was a nice evening, and I got some surf board transition practice in. Gybes are going well and I’m about 1 for 10 on the tack. I think my problem is having the kite hold me up as I’m flipping the board around with my feet.
Unfortunately after my session my kite lost some air. I had brought it in to Doyle sails to get a seem re-enforced (trying to be pro-active on the repairs) and they put a few small holes in the bladder! Fuck! Gotta get that repaired soon!


Kite log

12m, NW 12g19, twin tip

Mccarroll, schooner, and I headed north to Tatamagouche to take advantage of of the north winds.


Very nice beach and we had it all to ourselves. All the gates to the provincial parks are locked this time of year so we had a bit of a walk to the beach but it wasn’t so bad. There were a lot of holes and I think Brule, Caribou, and John points would have been a bit better, but of course you never know until you are there. Next time we will hit one of those places up. We got out for about 2 hours, well worth it!