Kite Log

12m, 12-14kts SE, Twin Tip, The Range
The day started with a beautiful sunrise!

Range day! So I’ve noticed that every time I’m at the range its overcast and raining. This leads me to believe that SE winds bring the rain! I’ll have to look into that one a bit further. Anywho, Mccaroll and I got a couple of hours in and made the most of the moderate breeze.


Kite Log

12m, Stoney Beach, 12kts increasing, surf board

The seniors were on their way out when I arrived at 3:30. I ended up having the whole place to myself. It was a nice evening, and I got some surf board transition practice in. Gybes are going well and I’m about 1 for 10 on the tack. I think my problem is having the kite hold me up as I’m flipping the board around with my feet.
Unfortunately after my session my kite lost some air. I had brought it in to Doyle sails to get a seem re-enforced (trying to be pro-active on the repairs) and they put a few small holes in the bladder! Fuck! Gotta get that repaired soon!


Kite log

12m, NW 12g19, twin tip

Mccarroll, schooner, and I headed north to Tatamagouche to take advantage of of the north winds.


Very nice beach and we had it all to ourselves. All the gates to the provincial parks are locked this time of year so we had a bit of a walk to the beach but it wasn’t so bad. There were a lot of holes and I think Brule, Caribou, and John points would have been a bit better, but of course you never know until you are there. Next time we will hit one of those places up. We got out for about 2 hours, well worth it!

Kite Log

WSW 12-14
12m Razor
SOS Surf

Well I wasn’t planning on hitting the beach today as it looked a bit light. I had some business to take care of in Dartmouth so I decided to head to Kanon Beach surf shop afterwards to see if Buzz Lightyear was ready to be picked up from repair. Low and behold, I get to Stoney beach and we have 12-14 WSW and the surf board is ready. Yeahh! Ironically Dwayne calls me up as I am in Kanon Beach and I relay the info that it’s on! He’s on his way. Unfortunately it’s cold and I do not have my drysuit with me and my wetsuit is in the back of the car still wet from Friday (epic day!). Long story short, Dwayne pulls up just as I am launching and we get about an hour of wind. Good thing b/c my fingers were frozen!

Big storm forecast for Friday… till then


Kite Log

It was an early day as the weather system hit overnight and was fizzling out. I arrived at the beach at 9am and Dwayne, John, Gavin, and Sean were all checking out the conditions. It was a bit light. The forecast was for 20kts at 8am going light at noon and turning NW. When I first arrived there definitely wasn’t enough wind for my 12m but since that is the biggest I have that is what I rigged. Sean rigged up with me as the other boys were contemplating. Just as soon as Sean and I were ready to go, the wind kicks up and we score it first. Everyone else is scrambling to pump their big kites while Sean and I get the early goods. Dwayne is in the water next with his 18m and the wind keeps pumping up. Soon Dwayne goes in with a few others to pump smaller kites. Meanwhile Stu with his usual bad luck almost sends himself on to the highway with an improper line rigging… Luckily Dwayne was keeping a close eye and yelled for a release! Stu was OK. Sean broke a foot strap on his Mako board but luckily Gavin was there and has spare everything Ocean Rodeo! At one point I am the only one left on the water when everyone else is regrouping. Once everyone is back out the wind starts to die and then dead at about noon! I happily got all the wind that morning! Yeahh!


Kite Log

12m, 15-22kts W, twin tip, Stoney/Conrads

Looks like another W day 15-20kts. Dwayne calls me up and is ready to hit the beach around 1pm, I meet him there. There is not much south in this breeze so we decide to kite over to Conrads. We end up doing a big upwind all the way to the upper end of Conrads and we were lit up! Dwayne was on his 14.5m (soon to be mine) and he was overpowered. It was a fun downwind on the way back hitting some small waves here and there. I ended up playing in the flat water section just on the downwind side of the point. Starting to get some left raileys down and working on the right.
All in all it was a good day and one of my first good westerly’s at Stoney and Conrads.


Kite Log

12m, Mark’s surf board, 15kts NW, Hartlen Point
I woke up this morning thinking I am driving to Port Hawkesbury for a tour of the paper plant for work. Lcukily… it was postponed until Nov. 4.. hopefully that’s a no wind day! I knew from yesterday that Mark Moore was looking to do a down winder in the west winds so I promptly text him and tell him I’m on tap for the day. Its his last day in NS for the season and he is stoked to get out on the water. We load up his van with all our gear and the 4 of us (me, Mark, Gavin, and John) head over to Hartlen point. We rule out the down winder but we luck out with what was my best waves session yet. John was a bit bummed from yesterday at this spot so he decided not to rig. The 3 of us head over to Devil’s island and it was sick! 6 foot waves with a perfect wind direction making it super flat coming in to the sweet waves. We ended up kiting for about an hour here and it got a bit cold (and felt bad for John on the beach) so we headed back. So fun! The rest of the day we spend driving up and down the Eastern shore in Mark’s van.. Gavin and I in the back drinking beer. We hit clam harbour (wind died at this point) and Gavin got out for a short SUP then we headed to MArtinique to check it out. The surf was good and we all got out. It was fun and I was a little tipsy by the time I got on the SUP… and I couldn’t stand on it! So I ditched the paddle and went surf style on the SUP. I managed to get almost 1 wave before I got too cold. Tons of fun!